The city of San Francisco ranks among the most popular cities in the world. It is known for being the cultural, commercial, and financial center in the state of California. As per the recent census of 2020, the city is home to over 873,965 people, out of which over 51% of school-age children in San Francisco have dental problems.

Invisalign is an orthodontic solution that can straighten teeth with a series of aligners created for you by your dentist. The process is invisible and allows you to brush and floss while wearing the aligners.

San Francisco has many excellent dentists to choose from. However, choosing the right dentist is extremely important in getting the best care for your teeth. Here are some possible dental questions you might consider asking when choosing an orthodontist for Invisalign treatment including how much Invisalign cost San Francisco:

What Is Your Invisalign Certification?

To become a certified Invisalign provider, the dentist must complete extensive training regarding Invisalign and its specific technology. For example, they must understand how the treatment works, what the different aligners are like, and how to fit patients for clear braces properly. 

After completion of training, the company that owns Invisalign will evaluate the
providers’ work before receiving certification.

How Experienced Are You With Invisalign?

A dentist needs to know how to properly fit patients for Invisalign and have experience treating actual patients with braces. Although doctors are all trained in application procedures, some may have more practical knowledge than others.

Do You Provide Financing?

It’s vital to find out how much Invisalign cost in San Francisco. Consider whether or not your dentist offers payment plans or financing. Since Invisalign is an expensive treatment, you will need to plan out your budget to get the braces you deserve.

Is your dentist flexible about payments? Do they offer different payment plans or accept cash only? It’s important to know what payment options are available before starting any procedure.

What Is Your Business’s Cancellation Policy?

Invisalign treatment lasts for about 12 to 24 months, so having a flexible cancellation policy can benefit patients who may need to reschedule appointments. 

A good dentist should understand and work with you as much as they can to fit your busy schedule. You can ask them how far out they can book your appointments to know how flexible they are.

Can You Supply Before and After Photos?

Asking for pictures is an easy way to understand the dentist’s work better. Pay attention to whether or not they’re able to provide photos of previous patients who have received similar treatments, as well as what their teeth look like after removing the braces.

When Should a Patient Expect to Get Final Results?

Treatment time can take anywhere from 6 months to 24 months, depending on how crooked your teeth were before starting the treatment and other factors such as jaw alignment. You will need to ask your doctor about what sort of timeline you may be considering.

What Happens if You Need to Make Changes?

If you find that your teeth are not shifting the way you want them to after receiving treatment, it’s essential to contact your dentist for advice or possible revisions. A good doctor will be available for changes throughout the process to get you the best results likely.

Wrapping Up
Invisalign is an excellent option for San Francisco residents who wish to straighten their teeth with little to no downtime. However, it’s crucial that you only trust your dental care to an experienced and knowledgeable dentist who can provide you with quality results.